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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lunch at the White House

Yesterday (2/13), I had lunch at the White House! A buddy of mine works as an assistant to the President, and he invited me and a guest for lunch. So, my Mom (I'm such a good son!) and I met him in the West Wing lobby at noon! As we were walking down to the West Wing restaurant (designed by Mrs. Kennedy to look like a Navy mess hall on a ship), my buddy pointed out the room to the Oval Office, and said, "the President's in there". Too cool!

We had a great meal, and were able to sit near some of the big whigs there - WH Chief of Staff, e.g. I had the West Wing Burger (the sophisticated guy that I am) which was pretty tasty, and then a chocolate cake/cupcake that was amazing. My Mom really enjoyed herself, and loved meeting and eating with my buddy. He then said that he had an extra ticket to the ceremony in the East Room with the President and the Chicago White Sox, and asked if I wanted to go. Uhh, yeah!

So, the next thing I know I'm walking through the halls and corridors of the White House, just like you'd see in the movies- guards and all. We went up to a lobby where there was a small orchestra playing their tunes, and who do I see all over the place, but the Chicago White Sox! I met several of them, and wished them congrats for winning the World Series (I am a big baseball fan, but have to admit I didn't know many of their faces).

Then, we went into the East Room, and were seated next to Illinois senators, congressmen, the Mayor of Chicago, and some Cabinet members. Then, the Prez walked in. He walked right by me, and that seemed a bit surreal because he was so close to me. He gave a cool talk, and even looked right at me (I was in the Roman collar) when saying about one of the White Sox players, "the Lord has blessed you indeed". I gave a huge smile to Bush as he said this. After the ceremony, I was able to chat with some more of the White Sox players and coaches, even some that used to be on the Orioles (life long O's fan, here). Quite a thrill!

The experience for me was a lot of fun, but also pretty telling. Inside those doors, those politicians and ball players were just normal guys whom I could just walk up to and talk with normally. I was very comfortable, and not nervous at all. I guess if you spend much time in the presence of the Almighty, being in the presence of powerful people on earth just doesn't phase you that much.


  • that is the coolest are soooo lucky to eat in the WH

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:46 PM  

  • Burgers!!??!! I hope you've been getting some ribbing about wanting fries with that. Burgers indeed. I was lucky enough once to taste a sauce leftover from a WH state dinner (courtesy of a fellow parishoner), and it was absolutely divine.

    Thanks for your previous detailed answer on bowing at the Altar.

    To comment on the last line of your blog...
    I guess if you much time in the presence of the Almighty, being in the presence of powerful people on earth just doesn't phase you that much.

    I guess that must be my problem (not enough time with the Lord). I still get intimated around persons of the cloth, and tend to loose my tongue (not that you or Fr. Lee are intimidating people mind you; the problem is mine) Heaven help me, when/if one day, God-willing, I'm at the pearly gates and must speak to St. Peter.

    On an on-line forum once, the question was asked, "What would you do if Jesus walked into the room, right here and now?"
    It was in thinking of my own answer to this question that helped me to realize the truth of the Real Presence. Wow! That was a mighty revelation that steered me out of cafeteria catholicism (besides, I imagine cafeteria burgers just don't taste as good as the WH ones).

    By Blogger Magnificat wannabe, at 10:54 AM  

  • Good've done something that few of us will ever get to do.

    Bad's all downhill from here. I was gonna make you stake tonight, but I guess we should just serve up some burgers and dogs!

    Great story. You can tell us how you converted them all to Catholicism later.

    By Blogger Ty Roach, at 11:22 AM  

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