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Friday, June 09, 2006

Ordination pics

Ireland!! Some friends of mine and I are here in Ireland for a 10 day trip. God's Country! We're taking in some of the amazing sites of this great land, but also here to play some golf! Yesterday, the course was amazing- next to the beach, lots of sun, wildgrass everywhere...Ireland can be a tought place to play golf. But, oh so fun! Oh, and yes, we've been hittin' some pubs.

The best part, though, has been daily Mass...I've been either celebrating or concelebrating each day (2 of my buddies here are priests). Two Masses outside - the one I celebrated was on the mountain where St Patrick fasted for 40 days before he drove out all the snakes. Way cool!!
Here are some pics from the Ordination. Many thanks to Mary Lee O'Connell and her daughter, Kathy, for all of their help!


  • Amazing.... even from Ireland we can get updates from Fr. Greg. Technology is wonderful !!! Just hope he wants to come home !!

    Great pictures of the ordination. Thanks for sharing them with everyone. It brought something to mind.

    I have to share something that happened during Fr. Greg's first mass at Lourdes that night of his ordination. I wish that I had had an opportunity to take a picture of Fr. Greg during the consecration. As Fr. Greg held his hands over the host a bright glow came from his hands. I remember thinking at that moment "Oh look how there is this glow coming off of his hands and at first thought it must be the way a light is bouncing off of the chalice or plate. And then that thought was quickly replaced with.... Of course ! it is the power of Christ coming through the priest's hands transforming the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ.
    I don't know if anyone else saw this or if it was just the angle that I happen to be sitting at, but regardless .... to me it was a sign of the Holy Spirit coming upon the host through the hands of Fr. Greg for the very first time. In Fr. Greg's choice words....How Awesome !! I have hesitated in writing this because I wasn't sure how to post that or if I even should. Sometimes I'm not sure when I am moved by something or experience something very powerful, whether God wants me to share it with others or keep it to myself. In looking back over the ordination pictures the experience returned and I felt moved to share it with all, and so I obey.

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