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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Take action!

Following are two comments from bloggers that should motivate us to take action as well as suggestions from the USCCB (via on how to take action:

Katherine: “One thing I noticed is that a lot of people complain about Obama being President, but no one's doing anything about it. What I mean is, if people don't like the fact that he's pro-choice, then why not write a letter or something explaining the pro-life views and how being pro-choice is not defending human life?”

Fran: “Senator Obama said it (signing the Freedom of Choice Act) was the FIRST THING he would do as president! Not the 2nd, not the 20th, but THE FIRST THING! That is astounding! A vote for Senator Obama is in fact a vote for the Freedom of Choice Act.”
Recommended Actions: Contact your U.S. Representative and two U.S. Senators by FAX letter, e-mail, or phone. Call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at: 202.224.3121; or call Members’ local offices. Full contact info can be found on Members of Congress’s web sites, at: and

Message to all Members: “Please pledge now to oppose FOCA.” Those Members of Congress who have signed on as cosponsors of FOCA should be asked to remove their names from the bill. To check the list of current cosponsors, see:

Other Actions:
1. Arrange a formal meeting with your Representative and two Senators.

2. Communicate with your Representative and two Senators at town meetings.

3. Place an ad opposing FOCA in your local Catholic paper or other publication or insert educational materials in church bulletins. For an ad presentation designed for grassroots use, see: For bulletin inserts in black and white or color, see:

4. Write letters to the editor or express your views on call in radio talk shows.


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