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Monday, June 12, 2006

Jesus' flying leap

Today, we are in Galway, Ireland, enjoying the town with a day of relaxation. We have been on the road every day, driving about 100 miles each day, going from town to town, B&B (bed and breakfast) to B&B, seeing the impressive (and often breathtaking) views of countryside, mountains, skies, pastures, and towns wherever we go. Two more days here, and then we come home. God is so good to allow me to enjoy such beauty and joy during my time here!
One anonymous blogger wrote about his/her experience during my first Mass of Thanksgiving. Well, I have my own pretty amazing experience...actually, there were a few, but this one stands out. I still don't know exactly what happened, or at least how it happened, and probably never will. It occurred during the Adoration / Procession of the Holy Eucharist in front of the youth after Holy Communion (one of the last of the pictures I posted from my first Mass).

When I put the lunette (the small piece that holds the Eucharist) into the monstrance (the large gold and glass vessel which shows us the Eucharist) on the altar, I struggled to make the door of the monstrance shut tightly. When I finally got it tight, I wasn't entirely sure the lunette was totally secure, but felt that the door was shut, and Jesus was fine in the monstrance.

Then, we had a few moments of Adoration of Jesus in the monstrance while my buddy, Ed Becker, played his song, "Thank you, Jesus" with all of the youth around the altar area. When he finished, I picked up the monstrance and processed with Jesus, as an instrumental song from the movie, "The Mission", resounded throughout the Church, my eyes locked on Jesus in the monstrance the whole time, and noticed no movement from the door to the montrance.

After the few moments of Procession, I brought the monstrance back to the altar, and showed the Eucharist to the congregation, moving very slowly. One time SLOWLY to the left, and then one time SLOWLY to the right. As I moved to the right ever so slowly, all of sudden...the Eucharist made a flying leap out of the monstrance!! Uhhh! There was a huge gasp from those, especially the youth, who could see Jesus come out of the monstrance.

In one motion, the door of the monstrance and the door of the lunette had opened, and the Body of Christ had come falling down towards me. So, I quickly moved my left arm to catch our Lord, and he (miraculously) landed securely on my arm. I caught Him! Whoa! I struggled to get my right arm out of the humeral veil I was wearing, but when I finally did, I used both hands to put the lunette back in the monstrance, and held the Eucharist up for a few moments longer, and then reposed Him in the tabernacle.

The chances of this happening (the monstrance door and lunette opening simultaneously and the Eucharist flying out) are EXTREMELY SMALL. My first thought was that it was the work of the devil. But, it's an even smaller chance that the Eucharist would just land on my arm with all of the slick vestments I had on it. MIRACULOUS!! Whatever forces were at work in the whole experience, they were definitely supernatural, and, in the end, Jesus showed his great power and personal touch in the Eucharist.


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