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Friday, May 18, 2007

Congratulations, Mayor Comer!!

1) Adoration tonight, 7-8 pm, SAA Church. All are invited!!

2) Congratulations to Theresa Comer, a SAA parishioner, who was recently named mayor of a nearby town. If you see Theresa around the parish, please wish her congrats, and be sure to ask her which town she now runs!
I am regularly edified by comments of our bloggers. Here are some recent comments that show, thanks be to God, the conversions of heart that are taking place in our midst as well as the deep, spiritual insights of bloggers. God is good!

“I have been going to Mass more regularly every weekend and I feel a conversion process within my heart. I am becoming a more responsible Catholic and it feels great!”

“I met a nice lady in a class I am taking who told me she became Catholic 9 years ago because her son at 15 decided he wanted to be part of the ‘true religion’. She went to say she will never forget the wonderful feeling of being baptized. Although this wonderful event happened 9 years ago she had so much excitement when telling me the story. Her husband who at first didn't like anything about the mass he had attended now only has converted but is more devoted to his new faith than anyone else!”

“In that we are all made in His image and likeness, you are in fact closer to God than you may realize. If your friends are listening and responding, God is listening and responding. If your friends are offering words of advice and encouragement, and lending their support, that is God working through them in your life. When you ‘see and touch’ those human beings, you are looking at the face of God and touching Him.”

“Went to an amazing talk and healing Mass at my parish!!!!”

“I made a decision a few years ago to refrain from participation with gossip. I do not gossip about others, and I do not listen to others doing it. I frequently excuse myself from someone or some group who is engaged in talking about someone else. It isn't because I am "shocked" or "appauled" by their behavior. Rather, I walk away because I know how easy it is to get embroiled in it. It's tempting to momentarily feel good about myself by looking down on the actions of someone else. That definately distracts me from becoming the person I want to be.”

“Okay this is it-another 3 more days and I commit myself to a Franciscan lay order… this is so exciting!! I wonder what major changes I will have to do with my life. Whatever it is bring it on I CAN handle it!!”

“Can you give more detail as to the who & when for confession schedule. It's been about 20 yrs since I've made confession…”


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