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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Perpetual Adoration, etc.

Here are some questions from anonymous bloggers:

1) I have been trying to build a prayer life. I have gone to Adoration a few times and have concluded that I need to be alone there in order to enter a state of prayer. St. A's does not do perpetual adoration that I know of. Do any of the parishes in our area do that?

I know of a few: St John the Evangelist (Silver Spring), St. John Neumann (Gaithersburg), and Ascension (Bowie). If bloggers know of other parishes in the Archdiocese that have perpetual adoration, please let us know.

2) But a priest was someone's son, brother, cousin, uncle, student and/or friend before he became a priest. I understand about the comment on being able to freely give time, but to love all "equally?" That can't truly be possible, so if a priest loves his family in a "different" way, then wouldn't he be able to love a child in a "different" way and still love all the others he serves equally?

I don’t know where the word “different” came from in regards to a priest’s love for his family vs. others; I don’t remember using it myself. For me, St A’s is my new family and I love her members as I have loved my personal family. I try to give myself as much as possible to the people of St A’s as well as to my own family. Like any priest, I don’t love “equally” in a perfect way (as God does), but that is my approach. I think it’s just as possible for a priest to love all equally as it is for a parent to love all of his / her children equally.

3) Two questions:

Are there any sins that can't be forgiven by a priest in confession?
a) The ones that are intentionally not confessed.
b) the ones for which the penitent is not sorry

Can a priest refuse sacraments to someone who could otherwise receive them?
Kind of a loaded question, but if someone is properly disposed to receive a sacrament, the priest should never refuse them the sacrament.


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